Information on the authority

Legal Aid Administration is the institution subordinated to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia.

In accordance with the State Ensured Legal Aid Law, the Law “On State Compensation to Victims” and the Cabinet Regulation Nr.869 of 15 November 2005 "Regulation of Legal Aid Administration”, there are two activities of the LAA providing for implementation of the delegated functions and tasks:

  • to ensure access to just legal protection for the low-income and needy persons, and persons with a particular situation, property status and income levels considered appropriate for the state guaranteed legal aid;
  • providing state compensation for victims paid for persons who have suffered intentional violent crimes and their health has suffered severe or moderate bodily injury, death of a person or a person suffered sexual offences;
  • provision of victims of crime with informative support.

To ensure implementation of functions, the Legal Aid Administration performs the following tasks:

  • examines persons’ applications for request of state guaranteed legal aid and decide on granting or refusal to grant the state guaranteed legal aid;
  • examines the state compensation claims and decides on payment of the state compensation or refusal to pay the said;
  • pays out legal assistance funds earmarked for legal aid providers;
  • pays out the funds provided for state compensations to the victims;
  • examines persons’ applications for acquisition of the status of provider of state guaranteed legal aid and concludes legal aid agreements with providers of legal aid;
  • in cases specified by laws and regulations recovers the state budget funds paid to provide legal assistance and state compensations to the victims;
  • maintains the register of state guaranteed legal aid and the state compensation;
  • pays the funds intended for state ensured legal aid and funds intended for the financial support to the Latvian nationals for adressing of child custody termination or withdrawal in a foreign country;
  • provides operation of the helpline 116006 "Helpline for victims of crime" by concluding a delegation agreement with the association "Skalbes".